Athletes as Role Models by Samson D.
Sports and games have been part of human civilization ever since humans first appeared. In every culture there has always been some form of competition where the winner has been revered. Back in the days of the Greeks the athletes were crowned and adored like gods. Poets would write about them and statues of them would often be erected in their honor.
In modern day America these games include the NBA and the NFL. The youth of America look up to these players, and many want to be just like them. Kids buy their products, wear their names, and admire them greatly. These athletes set the example for all the kids who think highly of them.
While some athletes respond to this responsibility, a lot do not. Len Bias killed himself on a cocaine overdose a day after he was drafted second by the Celtics. Ray Lewis was accused of stabbing and killing two people. A would have been hall of famer, Darryl Strawberry had many problems with the law, and ended up ruining his career. These are just a few of the athletes who children look up to, and provide a bad example.
Players in these leagues can make over 20 million dollars in a year. With this kind of money it is easy to get in trouble. These players are young and a lot of the time they make stupid mistakes that can affect their public image and what people think of them. Many of these blunders include dealings with drugs and alcohol, assault, and murder. When children see their idols doing this, many of them think that if they can do it and are so successful, I can too. The players in the NBA and the NFL need to clean up their acts not just for themselves, but for the future generations of the United States.
In a survey done by CNN two thirds of the people believed that we need to expect more from our athletes.

In a survey done by CNN two thirds of the people believed that we need to expect more from our athletes.
In the past three years of about 1500 athletes tried only seven were convicted.
In a survey of the leagues, the 40% of the NBA players and 21% of the NFL players had criminal records.
In a survey of 1500 10-17 year olds it was proven that a large majority look up to athletes and far too many have false impressions of what is right and wrong by what they see from these athletes.

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