Jonathan C

Autism is a complex developmental disability that is affecting toddlers in astronomical numbers. Autism is affecting the population with numbers that surpass childhood cancer. Autism should be looked at closely for the cause is still unknown. 1 in 150 births is diagnosed with this debilitating diagnosis. As the number of children diagnosed with autism soar it is becoming a social issue that all of us have to be aware of.

This graph actually shows the amount of autism growth per year in a percentage. The statistics are quite shocking when you look at them closely. I want my audience to see that in a period of 14 years the amount of autism has risen about 1000%. ( an average of about 150% a year).

Autism, literally translating to “escape from reality”, was first discovered in 1943 by Leo Kanner. Kanner recorded the symptoms that autistic children displayed. Before Kanner’s discovery Autistic children were classified as mentally retarded or emotionally disturbed.

This graph shows the age that autism is most diagnosed. Diagnoses of autism occurs most at about 3 and not earlier. That is why the graph starts at 3 rather than 0-2. In this graph I want my audience to pay attention to the actual number of autism cases and how many are diagnosed at what age. Diagnoses of autism can even occur in you early 20’s another shocking fact about autism.
The word “autism” was first coined by Eugene Bleuler who used it in terms of people who are "spaced out" or tired. Kanner first identified autistic children who were clearly not mentally retarded because this was an unidentified group. Kanner reported that the rate of Autism in 1943 was 1 in 10,000 but the actual rate was 15 in 10,000 for some mentally retarded children are diagnosed with autism as well. Today autism occurs in 1 in every 150 births, growing tremendously over 66 years and may get worse if a cure is not found.

I want my audience to see how in every one hundred fifty births, one person has autism. This just shows how rapidly this epidemic is spreading in our nation. I am sure if you check this data in 5 years the amount of autism is going to get higher.