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Hollywood celebrities using drugs has always been a problem. Teen drug use has been a concern as well. In recent years experts have linked the two. It is believed that because celebrities use drugs some of their teen followers use them too.
Celebrity Drugs: Over 100 famous celebrities have used drugs or died from them. Some of those celebrities include: John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, and Chris Farley. Those 7 popular celebrities were just a few of many others who have over-dosed on some form of drug. It seems that Heroin and Cocaine are the popular drugs in Hollywood seeing that 3 of the 7 celebrities listed above died from the use of those two drugs. It is also well known that Marijuana is also widely popular. Although no one has ever directly died from the use of Marijuana it is still a highly used drug.
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In the past 12 months alcohol and Marijuana have been the biggest uses of youth drug abuse. In the 1990’s teen drug abuse was a raging problem. The problem was fixed and in the early 2000’s teen’s using drugs were becoming less and less. But recently with drug scandals including British model Kate Moss and Singer Amy Winehouse Britain’s teen cocaine use has sky-rocketed. The government blames the recent raise in drug use on the teen culture in Britain.

It seemed that celebrity drug addictions were waning during the mid 2000’s but with recent scandals involving Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, And Britney spears; the problem has come roaring back. It seems that because celebrities always get off easier when they abuse a substance, the youth think it is ok to follow their idols without consequence.

Teen drug use has become less and less of a problem in the past few year, but with the recent scandals mentioned above, experts wonder if teens will begin abusing substances in masse again.

No one knows exactly what makes these teens do drugs just because there favorite celebrity does. All we know is that it’s a problem.