Neil M.

As each year passes on, more and more trees are cut down due to deforestation. With twelve million hectares of rainforests being cut down each year, the habitats and wildlife that live there are being heavily affected. Since over half the world’s animal species live in rainforests, it is very important that we work to decrease the amount of trees being cut down. Luckily, if we do the simplest of tasks such as buying recycled toilet paper, we could save many trees each year.

external image amazon_deforestation_not_slowing.jpg

external image amazon_deforestation.jpg

Deforestation is the act of humans cutting down the trees all around the world. There are many reasons that make people due this which range from agriculture to logging. The act of these trees being cut down affects many different things. It affects the tribes that live in the forests such as small groups in the Amazon that very few people even know about. Also, and probably the worst thing, is it affects the wildlife that lives there. This is a giant problem that could change many things. Even if the world loses just a small majority of one type of animal, it could affect the whole food change which could eventually cause the forests to die.

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A jaguar whose habitat is being heavely affected due to deforestation.

Some of the scariest things about deforestation are the numbers that tell us how many trees are being cut down. Some of these are that
12 million hectares of forests are cleared annually. Another is that all moist tropical forests could be gone in 2050. In certain places, such as Costa Rica, the tropical forests could be gone in 2010! Another scary statistic is that an area of 20 football fields of trees is lost every minute, which means the amount of trees that are cut down each year would cover the size of Panama.
Deforestation is a problem that has grown over time. As the population on the earth grows, we need more space to build and more supplies that are made out of trees. Each year, the amount of trees cut down grows. If people don’t recognize this and notice that we need to stop it, the forests on this earth could disappear before we ever expected it.



This pie graph is made to teach people what the leading causes of deforestation are. I want this to help everyone learn what ways that they could help individually in saving our world’s trees. If people know what the main causes of deforestation are, then they would have an easier time in helping to stop or decrease all the things that are affecting the trees.

This graph is made to show how many trees are being cut down in terms of percentage of that areas total forest cover. I want this graph to surprise people by showing them how fast we are losing our primary forests. Also, I hope that after people see this graph and learn how important forests are, they will be more encouraged to help.


This graph is made to show exactly how many hectares of trees are being cut down in certain parts of the world. I hope this graph will surprise many people by seeing just how many trees are being cut down each year. Also, I hope this graph will teach people what places are being affected most, so they will be informed about the places that need the most help.

external image 1546_deforestation.jpg

In conclusion, it is very clear that the trees, forests and wildlife of the world needs our help. Since it is our fault for the destruction, it is our job to save it. It has gone so far that some people worry that it will be impossible to get things back to the way it was. The good news is that as time goes on, we our finding new products that will help save the environment and so now it is up to us to encourage everyone to use those products. Even though we need to cut some trees down to survive, it is imperative that we work to bring down the total of trees that are lost each year.

Here is a song I wrote in Spanish Class about how we must save the trees!

Ojala que protejamos los arboles
Los arboles es mas importante en el mundo
Los animales viven en los arboles

Ojala que protejamos los arboles
Si no tienemos aboles, no podemos vivir
Los animales y arboles estan importante por nosotros

Ojala que protejamos los arboles
Es necesario que nos parade la gente
Y encontre otros ideas diferentes

Ojala que protejamos los arboles
Ojala que protejamos los arboles (quieter)