Gang Violence

Gang Violence affects lower income kids all over America. Younger kids see older kids in gangs and think it’s cool to be in one and are quickly sucked into the gang lifestyle. There are a serious amount of gang related murders every day in America. Gang Violence is a huge social issue because it affects such a great number of people. It doesn’t only effect those in gangs but also their family and also, too often, innocent bystanders.

The Murder Rates Graph shows that the majority of large to medium sized cities have reported gang related homicides in 2001. It also makes it known that 37 % of small cities have reported gang related murders.

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Gang Violence is a deep rooted problem in America. It affects mainly poorer minorities in low income neighborhoods. It also affects other people with sibling deaths or even random or accidental killings.
The Percent of Communities Reporting Gang Activity Graph shows that all of America’s big cities have gangs, i.e., Detroit, New York City, and Miami. Also many smaller cities have gangs. Even Suburban Counties and some Rural Counties do.
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All over America, every day, kids are being recruited into gangs. Many times, joining a gang is an instant death sentence. Many kids join gangs because they see older kids in them and think it’s cool or normal. Others are drawn to gangs because of the large amount of money that can be made dealing narcotics. After these kids join gangs there are few ways out.
The Increases in Gang Activity Graph demonstrates the slow but steady increase in gang activity in large cities. Only 44 % of Cities aren’t seeing an increase.
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There are many different reasons that criminal gangs form. One of these reasons is education. Those with no inspiration see no reason to continue their education and drop out of school, just to form gangs in an effort to make money. Another reason gangs form is protection. Kids feel that if they have a group backing them, that they are safer. Inevitably rivalries build between these groups and violence occurs.