Global Warming, Myth?
Is global warming a myth or a true problem? In order to help me decipher some of the truth from all of the facts that are their currently, I have presented the three biggest Global warming myths (or facts). I will present an ample amount of information on each myth, and let you decide what you believe.

MYTH No. 1: The Earth is warming!
TRUTH: This is true, The IPCC said that the global average surface temperature has increased as much as 0.6 degrees Celsius in the 20th century.
MYTH No. 2: There will be storms, flooded coasts and huge disruptions in climate!
TRUTH: Will there be much bigger disruptions in climate? For this we have to look at our data.
MYTH No. 3: The Earth is warming because of us!
TRUTH: It is possible, but the IPCC said that it is quite likely that we have only increased the warming, (if it exists) we are not the sole cause of it.

MYTH No. 1: The Earth is warming!
TRUTH: The earth’s temperature has constantly been rising since 1880. It has risen as much as .5 degrees Celsius in a year. The total temperature change from 1880- 1980 is roughly .9 degrees Celsius. Is this proof of global warming? No it is not clear proof. You see, the earth is constantly going through cooling and heating cycles that can last hundreds of years. To this the other side says that we are simply adding to the change that the cycles cause by releasing greenhouse gasses such as co2.


MYTH No. 2: There will be storms, flooded coasts and huge disruptions in climate!
TRUTH:The side that believes in global warming says that global warming causes a greater quantity in natural disasters, and increases the magnitude of them. Here are the facts: in the 60’s, the US spent 40 billion dollars on natural disasters, in the 70’s the U.S. spent 50 billion dollars on natural disasters, in the 80’s the U.S spent 80 billion dollars, and in the 90’s, the U.S. spent 280 billion dollars. These facts look very convincing from a glance, but it is quite possible that the reason these numbers increase is because of inefficient spending, or other reasons like that. As for the large increase from the 80’s to the 90’s, it is very unlikely that is the whole case, and it is more likely that by chance a larger natural disaster, that is on the rarer side, hit the U.S.


MYTH No. 3: The Earth is warming because of us!
For this Myth, the side the believes in Global warming says that we are causing the earth to warm due to global co2 emissions. Here I have a graph of global co2 emissions compared to global temperature fluctuations.


external image clip_image002.jpgexternal image clip_image004.jpg
external image Historical-Emissions.preview.JPG

The two graphs are very similar, providing for convincing evidence, although their always is still the chance of a coincidence. Scientists have a great deal of evidence to support that the earths Gravitational poles switch every 500,000-700,000 years, causing them to be weak for a brief period of time ,in turn causing the earth to gain in temperature. This gain in temperature has been going on before human have even been on the planet.
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