Sequence and Timeline

Project Sequence
  • Brainstorm topics of personal interest.
  • Meet with adviser to narrow & chose topic.
  • Research: internet, library, possible interview (Email adviser, update, support)
  • Write rough drafts - use Notepad
  • Create Wiki page with instruction from Mr. Lorie:
    • Home page
    • Background information
    • Math page
    • Conclusions page
    • Bibliography
  • Peer editing
  • Meet with advisor for final review
  • Create physical presentation
  • Final presentation

Jan. 9-12
Introduce project and pick three (3) topics of interest
Jan. 12-16
Choose topic, peer feedback
Jan. 20-Feb. 5
Research, meet with advisor
Feb. 6-12
Collect data for Math page
Feb. 14-22
Enjoy your Winter Break
Feb. 23-27
Analyze data and create graphs
Mar. 2-6
Draw conclusions for Math page
Mar. 9-13
Write rough draft for home page
Mar. 16-30
Write rough draft for background page
Mar 31-Apr. 3
Create Wiki pages
Mar. 30-Apr. 3
Edit and write final drafts
Apr. 6-13
Enjoy your Spring Break
Apr. 14-30
Create wiki pages and peer edit
May 4-15
Create physical presentations and begin to display
May 18-21
Finalize displays and presentation for community

May 21 @ 4pm: Presentation for Parents and Town School Community